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Someday you will have the power to make a difference in the world, so use it well


We are Terra Fresh Foods, an importing and exporting company like no other. Working in the Agribusiness sector in the Americas and Europe, we seek to innovate and inspire a new business model that offers high quality exotic gourmet produce around the world and unites our producers and consumers.

Our socially conscious spirit and multi-cultural approach allows us to offer our customers more than our products; we seek to transform the experience of eating into a worldwide, shared community event. Terra Fresh Foods is driven by our team’s combined knowledge and proficiency in the industry as well as our motivation to establish continuous growth through long-term relationships with our customers and vendors.

Terra History

When life backs you into a corner it’s also giving you the opportunity to make a decision. As such, Terra Fresh Foods was born from a big decision. Setting our sights on reaching a positive change and transmitting values of solidarity, Terra, through the business of importing gourmet fruit and vegetables, firmly walks towards achieving those goals step by step. A world that is open without borders requires an innovative and multicultural business model which Terra has designed to be able to meet the specific and personal needs from both the customers and the company's team.


It is the compass that marks our destination in the route we have decided to take for each of those who accompany us on our journey:

  • Vendors: To provide support to enhance their development and create lasting relationships.
  • Customers: To use our skills and knowledge in order for us to support the progress of our customers, creating strong long-term relationships.
  • Social Responsibility: This is the heart of the company. Here is where the inspiration and the reason for our work was born in order to achieve meaningful change.
  • Employees: To be a wonderful place to work, where every employee feels valued, inspired, and committed to do their best, contributing to good team synergy.
  • Job: To execute daily activities effectively, providing the best service to achieve maximum productivity.
  • Benefit: To commit ourselves in creating business models that allows everyone involved to be successful.
  • Product: To offer a high quality product, in addition to fulfilling consumer expectations, promote culture, diversity, and social responsibility.

Our Mission

To define our purpose as a company. It is an axis that guides our way in order to achieve:

  • Feed diversity to the world
  • Inspire awareness and responsibility
  • Generate a positive impact creating value

Our Values

Establish the parameters of the actions, behaviors, and decisions of Terra Fresh Foods towards the world.

  • Passion: Putting heart and meaning into our work.
  • Quality: We strive to maximize our capacities, seeking excellence.
  • Respect: We recognize the collective individuality of every human being and the environment.
  • Empathy: We accept all cultures in the world and their diversity.
  • Commitment: We work with gratitude and responsibility for the world.
  • Freedom:  We encourage individual expression and personal development.
  • Leadership: We create new trends to set an example to follow.

Food Safety

Good manufacturing practices are a priority for the company. We make sure to offer a reliable, healthy, and high-quality product. At each level of the supply chain, we have established measures and processes in place that ensure the safety of the product.

At the production level, our farms are certified by Primus Labs, responsible for verifying the methodologies implemented in the field through: Analysis, Auditing, and Education.

At the management level, our storage and packaging in each country are also certified, offering facilities that have prioritized and managed hygiene in each of the processes. We are committed to complying with the industry standards established by the USDA, FDA and PACA, to be able to provide a healthy high-quality product for the consumer. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers and consumers, generating confidence in our products.

Our team

María Alejandra Guitiérrez

Founder & CEO

Brayner Gutierrez

Sales Executive

Lalo Fran


Miguel Ángel Jaimes

Operations Manager

Monica Echeverri

Marketing and Communication Responsible

Luis Ángel Montero Bravo

Warehouse Manager

Zulma Bolaj

Repack Manager


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