Hands of Terra


July 7, 2021

Solidarity has no boundaries and people express their solidarity in multiple ways. It is for this reason that Hands of Terra wanted to collaborate with runners from Crown Global Corp., who form part of Team Up 2016, in the Star Wars Half Marathon -The Dark Side. Held last April at the Disney Resort in Florida, the goal was to raise funds to support the cause of Autism Speak.

terra fresh foods autism race

With this donation, Hands of Terra contributes in a small way so that Autism Speak may undertake research programs for this disability, continue spreading awareness of autism spectrum disorders, and also continue helping and supporting the thousands of people and families living with autism, day after day, through training programs and developed activities.

Today, Autism Spectrum Disorders are still a very unknown disability without any existing medical tests to even help identify the diagnosis. Simply observing the child and their behaviour is what leads us to speculate whether he or she may have autism.

For this reason, Hands of Terra wants to call for the collaboration of everyone to take one step further in advancing the knowledge of this disability and helping all those people involved.

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