Hands of Terra


July 7, 2021

                                                                                                  What if one day you didn’t have parent’s or even family?

                                                                                                    What if one day you didn’t have a place to call home?

                                                                                               What if one day you were taken somewhere unexpectedly?

                                                                                            What if one day you didn’t know what your future would hold?

                                                                                                                What if you were too young to understand?

                                                                                              What if YOU, for one day, could make it better…would you?

The Children’s Home Society of South Florida is located in the area where most of our tropical fruits and vegetables are grown. As an initiative to give back to our local community, we have decided to embrace what Thanksgiving Day really stands for by organizing a special holiday for the kids from the Children’s Home Society of South Florida. We truly believe that given the opportunity to make any situation better, it is our duty to do so. Donations can be made in any amount and no donation is too small. Let us make this coming Thanksgiving Day, a day to show gratitude for our lives, and to realize just how privileged we are by showing compassion towards the ones who lack those privileges that we all too often don’t even realize we have .

Please Join “Hands Of Terra” along ONE LOVE CLUB raise funds, and make a special Thanksgiving day for the kids at the Children’s Home Society of South Florida. Just for one day, let’s make someone in need feel special.

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Hands of Terra Thanksgiving

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